Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, are a paradise for trekkers and you only really need to look at pictures of the incredible landscapes to understand why. If you need some more convincing though, here are seven reasons why you should choose the Atlas Mountains for your next trekking holiday.

Stunning Scenery

The Atlas Mountains have some of the most stunning and diverse scenery in the world spanning the whole of Morocco and separating the rich and green low lands with the arid Sahara desert. Alongside snow capped peaks are canyons, gorges and fast flowing rivers. There is beautiful flora and fauna throughout the region which is also a haven for bird watchers.

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Year Round Trekking

Another advantage to the Atlas Mountains is that they offer great conditions for trekking at any time of year. The winter months do see the highest peaks, such as Jbel Toubkal covered in snow from November to June but they can still be climbed (by more experienced trekkers). Whilst much of Morocco is extremely hot in the summer months, the altitude of the Atlas Mountains ensures that trekking temperatures are not too unpleasant.

Fantastic Guides

There are some fantastic licensed guides to support you on your treks through the Atlas Mountains. Most guides are local and have grown up in the Atlas Mountains, therefore they have an excellent knowledge of the region.  For longer treks you can also arrange mules to carry your equipment.

Friendly and Hospitable Berber People

On most treks you will encounter some Berber people who live in villages dotted around the Atlas Mountains.  The Berber people are happy, polite and friendly and welcoming to visitors wanting to see their beautiful mountainous surroundings. If you are on an overnight trek you may be lucky enough to spend the night in one of the Berber villages and further learn about the Berber culture and lifestyle. You could even stay with us at Maroc Lodge, the perfect Atlas Mountains accommodation!

Great Accommodation

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation in the Atlas Mountains and there are options for all budget levels. Luxurious boutique hotels rub shoulders with cheap and cheerful lodgings. If you are on an overnight trek then you can stay in one of the many well equipped but simple Berber gites that are found all over the region.

A Holiday with Diversity

There are not many trekking holidays that you can combine with a city break as easily as you can in Morocco. The High Atlas Mountains proximity to Marrakech means that you can enjoy some time trekking and then soak up the atmosphere of vibrant Marrakech with it’s mesmerising souks and the captivating Jamaa el Fna square with its hundreds of food stands.

Little Experience Necessary

Even if you have never been trekking before, there will be a suitable entry level route in the Atlas Mountains. Clear defined paths, good conditions and friendly, helpful guides will further ensure that your first trekking experience is a good one.